Bohol Stand-up Paddling

Loboc River in Bohol was a very busy water passage before COVID-19 pandemic.

Pre-covid photo

Mostly because of the River Cruise – floating buffet restaurants showcasing Filipino cuisine and culture (through songs & dances).

It was one of the major tourist sites in Bohol that’s full-packed everyday.

Pre-covid photo

For more than a year, the restaurants and other activities on the river were closed.

Fortunately, especially for the locals – little by little visitors are coming back.

Pre-covid photos

The Loboc River cruise also recently got back to business. But as expected, a lot of changes were made to abide by safety protocols.

BUT If you want to escape the crowd and social distance while having fun, stand-up paddling is a great way to go!

You still get to enjoy the river and because there’s less activities, it’s more scenic and peaceful.

On a Monday morning, me and my friends drove for around 30 minutes to the town of Loboc.

Who says Mondays can’t be relaxing? 😜

We went to Fox and Firefly Cottages for our stand-up paddling (SUP) experience since it’s the home of SUP Tours Philippines!

We got the Waterfall SUP Tour – a 3-4 hours paddling to Busay Falls and making a stop at a cold spring.

Our guide gave us an orientation and the basics of standup paddling. What to expect, how to properly paddle, the right length, how to mount, etc.

And after that, off we go like we were experts! 😆

Can you believe this is my first time Stand-up Paddling?

We stopped by the cold spring to swim, drink water and ate snacks the guide brought for us.

The paddle was hot since we started late in the morning but it was still both relaxing and meditative – almost!

Kind of a full-body workout too. 💪

The squad meters away from Busay Waterfalls.

The paddle was tiring but I imagined it was one of the river where Raya (the Disney character) cruised to find the last dragon 😂 – that did the trick!

We probably disturbed the river’s peace though when we sang Disney songs while paddling 🤫.

We still had some energy left after the tour, so we played more and tried some tricks the guide taught us.

Then we washed up and was able to see the interesting amenities of the cottages.

I’ll definitely go back there to try their rooms and food!

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Mobile #: +639 478 933 022

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Instagram: @foxandthefireflycottages

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