Bohol Beach Club Adventure

I still find it amazing how Bohol seems to enjoy never-ending summer.

Sure… it can be too hot sometimes and there are rainy days.

But for some reason, we don’t get real heavy rains for long periods (even on the rainy season).

Photo by: Daryll Gubat

When weather forecasts says its Signal #2 of storm and declare that day a holiday, we usually still get a lovely sun.

We just wait for the rain to stop then after few hours – hit the beach.

Photo by: Daryll Gubat

A great place to go just around 20 minutes away from my place in Tagbilaran City is Bohol Beach Club (BBC)!

The resort is one of the establishments that pioneered the tourism industry in the Province. And is still standing strong until today despite everything Bohol has gone through.

Going there is always full of adventure especially with the different activities they have.

Here are some of the things you can do in BBC

💛 glass-bottom boat ride

Surprisingly something I never thought I would enjoy!

From the resort we rode the boat just few minutes out to reach the area with different corals 💛 and fishes underneath.

We saw SCUBA divers from beneath the bottom-glass 😀. It was a different perspective for sure!

We anchored and swam of course.

Pity we didn’t bring our freediving gears. It would have been PERFECT.

💛 All-terrain vehicle adventure

Who knew a two-hour ATV ride somewhere in Panglao can be intense?

I didn’t expect for us to do this, so I went on a ride with my long black dress. 😆 But, why not?

The route is just around the resort. There were areas where we pass by Barangay roads which was pretty easy but there were surprisingly lots of parts of rocky terrains with intense inclines.

We did the full terrain and It was so much fun!

💛 special events

One of the events we attended was their Mukbang Barbeque Buffet Nights by the beach while serenaded by a band.

It was a fun night with friends!

To ease our full stomach before going to bed, we strolled through the white sand beach and star gazed while singing along to disney hit songs. 😋

💛 staycation

Who says I can’t enjoy life while beating deadlines?

Because that was what I did during our stay there. 😬

With their good internet connection, I was able to work hard, play hard and rest hard. 😉

Three of us shared a very spacious comfortable room with a view of the beach.

Interesting to note that they give COVID 19 safety kits for guests which includes cute reusable cloth face masks!

💛 swimming

The resort is located at probably the longest white sand stretch in Panglao Island. And the most beautiful beach too!

Swim by the beach or by the pool, both is fun for us water babies.

There are several water activities to do there too like banana boat ride, kayaking etc.

After ocean swim, we headed to the pool and swam some more!

💛 food

The perfect getaway is ALWAYS when there’s food involved. And to us, eating good food before and after any adventure is a must.

Throughout the stay that weekend, we strolled, talked both shallow and deep things about life, laughed around and a absorbed a ton of sun!

Photo by: Daryll Gubat

For inquiries or bookings contact:

Phone: (038) 502 9222

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  1. Anonymous says:

    looking forward to visiting BBC. Greetings from Mars.


    1. Thanks for stopping by! 😉


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