Glamping in Mayana, Jagna

Everything can be a bit too much these days. I just keep trying to avoid crowded spaces and there’s not much greenery in my sight.

So when my friend asked “Pabukid ta?”, we said yes without second thoughts and went off the next day. 😆

A road trip and mountain view was a much needed escape.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

And where’s the best place to go but to Mayana, Jagna which is Bohol’s highest elevation?

We packed our bags with whatever might be needed – pasta, tea, camping gears, cook set and card games 😜!

Mayana Highland Cafe

Photography: Daryll Gubat

The new glamping area we tried is in Mayana Highland Cafe located just above MUSFA Mayana Organic Farm a place famous in Bohol for strawberry picking.

We got there in the afternoon and just watched the mountain scenery as the sun sets.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

It was so peaceful and full of fun conversations, swinging and some cafe snacks 🥰.

To us, it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Photography: Daryll Gubat

Here are few things to note if you want to camp there:


The camping area is just next to the cafe and they have several options available like breakfast meals and snacks such as crepes, fries and others.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

You can also cook your own food if you bring your own cookset – free of charge!


Me and my friends work online so it was a lifesaver that they have decent wifi and a cozy cafe for working.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

The calming view is a great plus!


They provide ordinary tents as well as carpets to help with the cold. If you have weather-proof tents, best to bring it with you.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

It’s a really cold place so make sure to bring a complete set of your sleeping gear as they are not provided for.


If you can wake up early, you can set a schedule with a guide to go trekking to the highest peak!

You can also explore the farm below and try strawberry picking too.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

The place is really cold!😂 Well at least for my body who love warmth .

It was fogging early in the night until morning. It was so hard to wake up and work early 😆.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

For inquiries contact:

FB Page: The Mayana Highland Cafe

Mobile #: 0915 042 9454


Respect the locals!

Leave no Trace!

Follow COVID safety protocols!

Special thanks to Daryll Gubat for letting me use his photos during the trip!

Photography: Daryll Gubat

Follow him in Instagram at @dgubat.

Photography: Daryll Gubat

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below.

Here are video snippets of that trip!

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