Pahangog Twin Falls, Dimiao Bohol

Bohol is said to be around 80 percent made of karst landscape. It is a porous type of landscape with typical land features of caves, sink holes, spring pools and waterfalls. It’s not surprising then, that we see a lot of them around the province!

These are favorite places for locals to go swimming especially during summer time  🌞 . And I love exploring these places especially the waterfalls!  😍 

One of the many waterfalls is Pahangog Twin Falls in the town of Dimiao. This is also one of my favorite waterfalls in Bohol. Few years ago, the place was still very hard to access and when we got there we had the whole place to ourselves!

And in a weekend!

This year, I finally was able to visit it again and fortunately, the place have not changed that much. Well, there were already native cottages and a bamboo bridge in place and a rest room, but it was made of light materials so it blended to the place. 👍


  • Bring your own food – in reusable containers if possible! There are some snacks available at the entrance sold by the locals.
  • Bring floaters is you’re not a good swimmer. The water is really deep but there are shallow parts. If you are a good swimmer, you’ll love the place!
  • Find comfort room elsewhere. There is a comfort room but it is close to the stream. That could mean possible contamination for down stream so find a different place for your “call of nature”.
  • Private vehicle is ideal, better on motorbike.
  • Leave the place cleaner. Bring your trash with you, and pick up whatever you can it there’s any.
  • The place is far and can have confusing road so go as early as you can.


Going to the town of Dimiao will take around an hour from Tagbilaran City. If you are on commute, it would take longer. Take a bus at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal going to Dimiao town centre. From there, ride habal-habal that could take you to the waterfalls. Entrance fee is around 50 pesos – cheaper if you are a local.

There are two other waterfalls in the town and Pahangog is the farthest. You might as well hire the habal-habal for the day and visit all the falls. Having your own vehicle preferably an all terrain or motorcycle is ideal.

Here are other places in Dimiao, Bohol that you should check out:

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Ermita Ruins, Dimiao Bohol
Dimiao Roman Catholic Church

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