Wandering to Where Water Flows

I love water. The feeling of it touching my skin and the sound of it flowing and falling.

Waterfalls and cascades in Bohol serve as playground or centre of entertainment for locals in Barangays. It is fun seeing them (and sometimes doing it myself) cliff jumping or doing the “Tarzan”. Some falls, because they are not very accessible, are places of awe that gives you the sense of the “untouched” nature. Just so beautiful.

These places also serve as additional income for the families around the area. Entrances range from 5 to 50 pesos, depending on the management of the site which is usually through Barangay or Municipality itself.

Let me share to you some of the waterfalls and cascades I’ve been to in the different towns of Bohol. (In no particular order)


This town is 20- 30 minutes away from Tagbilaran City. I’ve been to three of their cascades which you could go around in one day if you are on private transport. If you are on a commute, Jeepneys are available from Cogon Public Market with the fare 25- 30 pesos. From the town Market, you can ride habal-habal and haggle on the fare going to the falls (tip: ask multiple drivers for the best price!).


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With 20 pesos entrance fee, you can comfortably go to the falls through a paved way.


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About an hour drive away from Tagbilaran City this town is famous also for three falls. I have been to the two of them. Buses to this town (most of the town that will be mentioned actually) are at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal at 40- 50 pesos fare and from the town centre, you can hire habal-habal going to the falls. These falls are far from each other so if planning to go there in one day, better be early! ^_^


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Because it is very far from the town center and its rocky road, few visits this place. But its an enchanting place. I could almost imagine fairies floating or some goddess bathing or something. 😂

The third waterfall that I haven’t been to (yet) is Dam-agan Falls which is said to be around 2 kilometres away from the town centre, nearest compared to the other two and not surprisingly, more crowded (on weekends).


More or less an hour travel from the city, this town offers more than the Man-Made Forest. 15 minutes from the town centre and you can reach Pangas Falls via habal- habal or tricycle. Life vests are available to encase guests are not confident swimmers.



With a fare of more or less a hundred pesos or a 2- 3-hour drive from Tagbilaran, this town will offer you more than what you would expect. One of which is Can-umantad Falls (Stay tuned for the others!).


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The first waterfalls that became famous in Bohol are in this town. After the 7.2 earthquake, the form of the falls changed but still is beautiful. Jeepneys are available at Cogon Public Market at 25 pesos fare. With the distance of 1.5 km from the town centre, it is an easy walk and if you are not fond of walking, the fare is just 10 pesos via tricycle.


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There is a wide area for swimming! And has the best path to the falls among all falls in Bohol (by far).


This town is famous for their Hanging Bridges and if you are going there, you should stop here which is only a few meters away from the site.


Bohol Blog, Bohol waterfalls, how to get to bohol water falls, backpacking bohol falls


The town of Anda is famous for its white sand beaches and breathtaking cave pools. So if you are visiting, try to wander also to their little cascade which flows down to an artificial pool. If you are not yet convinced on going on a side trip, the lake and the incorruptible corpse of Inday Potenciana which can be seen on the way to the cascade might! XD


Sierra Bullones

This town at the near centre of Bohol is full of beautiful places like Sudlon River. About 2 and a half hour drive from the city to the town centre and 20 minutes to the river which is famous among locals for its stretch that provides relaxing cascades and cool pools for swimming. Cottages are available at the “entrance” of the river and you can have a challenging short trail alongside the river going to the source of water.


Tips on Wandering to Where Water Flows!

Most of these sites do not have proper comfort rooms so better do your “call of nature” in the town centres.

Most of them have changing rooms but just in case, a sarong would be really handy.

Comfortable footwear is important! The trek down the falls is long while some have cemented trails some also have rocky and sometimes muddy trails.

You should bring food with you as sometimes no stores are available nearby. And if there are stores, buy something! You’ll never know how many children the money you’ll spend can feed.

Many locals do some exhibitions of jumping to the falls (backflips and all), even children. If you are not used to these, please do not try! Better safe than sorry.

and of course


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  1. this is an exciting blog, I really like this. To tour bohol without being there.

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    1. theboholana says:

      Thanks Remark! Soon you should go there! 😄


  2. Felix says:

    Nice blog. Love it

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    1. theboholana says:

      Thank you Felix! More to come that you’ll hopefully love!


  3. iBoholana says:

    Great post The Boholana. Really helpful tips and guides in exploring the waterfalls of Bohol.
    – iBoholana – Bohol Blogger

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  4. Chamie says:

    Hi! Would you know if any of these locations are safe for camping? Thank you! 🙂

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    1. theboholana says:

      Hi Chamie! I would recommend camping in Candijay. Its safe as long as you notify the locals that you intend to camp. And residents are not far in case you need something. 🙂


  5. Peter says:

    Great Blog.


  6. cbholganza says:

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      kuwang pa ni nga lista! haha

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