Things to do in Jagna, Bohol

Jagna is known for kalamay – Bohol’s most famous delicacy. The town though, is so much more than this sticky sweet snack.

This place is also perfect for quick getaways because of the variety of places you can explore and things to try!

When visiting Jagna, here are the things you can do:

💛 Go for a hike

A perfect place is Mt. Mayana, Bohol’s highest elevation at 870 m (2,850 ft). It is usually visited by outdoor enthusiasts for one night camping and/or a day hike.

While there, you can also stop by the century-old Narra tree which is said to be the largest national tree in Philippine records!

A day hike at the scenic Mt.Palingkod, at Tubod Monte is also an option.

This hill have a perfect view of the town and the neighboring volcanic island, Camiguin.

💛 Pick strawberries

The town is famous among locals for strawberry farming since its not common in the province. MUFASA farm, located in Barangay Mayana is one of the very few farms in Bohol that offers strawberry picking.

Growing of strawberries in Mayana is probably ideal because of its cool temperature from it’s high elevation.

It is advisable to visit the place early in the morning for higher chances of picking more strawberries.

Me and my friends arrived there at around 1PM and there were barely strawberries left but we still enjoyed strolling around the farm.

They also have other plants like lettuce, ornamental plants and even cactus & succulents in the area.

💛 Have a dip in a cold spring

Tubod Spring as it’s commonly called (kind of weird right? isn’t tubod translated to spring in English? 😆), is located in Barangay Lonoy. This is a local favorite for cold springs!

A refreshing dip with friends in the freezing cold spring after hiking.

💛 Swimming

Swimming in an unassuming pebble beach in Barangay Canuba just beside the highway, is one thing I did not expect I will really love during one of my visits in the town.

It was deep enough for me to swim comfortably. We also made friends with some of the locals and they lent us their wooden goggles.

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Taga bukid nga ganahan jud kaajo'g dagat.😆

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We were able to snorkel and was even able to eat tasty seaweed as insisted by our new found friends.

It was my first time swimming in a pebble beach and loved it! Beautiful view and no sand on you after you go swimming too!

💛 Sunset Watching

We stayed at Can-uba beach because we wanted to see the sunset. It was worth it because we were met with a gorgeous one. 💛

We were just chilling after swimming, taking in the salty air and the sound of the waves as the golden hour flaunted its glory.

💛 Experience their culture

Jagna is one of the busiest towns in the province with plenty of opportunity for cultural immersion. Here are some of the things you can try:

Eat at the market. Given you don’t have sensitive stomach, their farmer’s market is a good opportunity to try typical local cuisine. The market is also plastic-free so locals bring their own containers if they buy something or wants food-to-go.

Ride a motorela or the mini-jeepney which is one of the most interesting rides in the province. It’s a popular public vehicle used to transport people on short distances around towns.

To complete the experience, trying out the province’ most famous delicacy is a must of course. Time to try Kalamay! 😋

Photo for reference only. Source:

If you get lucky and get a chance to pass by children playing “karang“, then you should try too! It’s still common in the town and it’s exciting! It brings back childhood memories.

Now, are you convinced that the town is more than kalamay which it is famous for?

What are the things mentioned that you want to try first? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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