Best Art Gallery in Bohol

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Amarela Resort to me is the one of the most interesting boutique resorts in Bohol. Aside from having a white sand beach front, the resort is an ASEAN Green Hotel Awardee for their eco-friendly practices.

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However, the top reason why I love the place is because it reeks of Bohol’s history and culture. Everything from their interior design, to their food, rooms and different artworks done by local artists is thought out to represent part of local history and culture.

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And I think their Art Gallery is the center to that. I will boldly say that this is by far the best and my favorite art gallery in Bohol.

When visiting Bohol and want to know of the island’s history and culture this is one place that people shouldn’t be missed.

I have been to the place twice and it never ceases to fascinate me.

Their art gallery depicts artworks by Boholano artists about local culture and rich history of the almost forgotten ancient (pre-colonial) stories and people.

The gallery also shows traditional furniture and different parts of a typical traditional Filipino home with designs varying from different periods and more!

My favorite artworks in the gallery are large paintings by Boholano artist Sherwin Tutor: A painting of the two kings of the fallen Dapitan Kingdom that was located at Tagbilaran Straight, and a portrait of a mother and child.

I was fortunate that during one of my visits, together with us was Boholano historian Sir Marianito Luspo who is well-versed with the province’ history and culture.

There were a lot of stories that made me understand more what it means to be a Boholano. I heard about these stories before, but having the gallery as visual made it more real and made more proud to be living in this place.

Bohol is not just thriving in natural resources but also with cultural history.

Going there…

Amarela Resort is just few minutes away from Panglao International Airport and Alona Beach and about 25 minutes from Tagbilaran City.

If you want to see their gallery, you will need to pay a consumable entrance fee. So you can enjoy the gallery plus order one or two of their organic Filipino dishes!

More about the Boholano resort owner Lucas “Doy” Nunag and the artists behind the gallery in THIS ARTICLE.

Amarela Resort

Address: Barangay Libaong, Panglao Island, Bohol, 6340 Philippines

Phone Numbers: +63-38-5029497, +63-38-5029498
Mobile Numbers: +63-917-6230557 (Reservations), +63-917-7747200 (Front Office)


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  1. Jaenine Carulasan says:

    Hi! Are walk-in visitors allowed to visit there?


    1. The Boholana says:

      Hi! Yes it is allowed with consumable entrance fee


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