Bohol Falls, Springs and Terraces

Photo by: Joyce

Living on an island with so much to offer is like living in a playground. It’s not always perfect but there are lots of moments that it will remind you of its beauty and gives you bites of paradise.

Bohol waterfalls, cold springs and rice terraces – all these in one place.

I am talking of Candijay, a town that is about 2 hours of land travel from Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It is said that “Candijay” is from the Visayan words “kang Dihay” which means ‘belonging to Dihay’ who back then was a very influential person with many followers.

I love this town and for more than 6 years I visited it yearly.

We used to trek this beautiful town and the places I will be telling you now are our favourite places to stop by. This place is beautiful and is still one of my favourite places around Bohol!

Here are the places you must visit in Candijay

(and what you should know about them)

1. Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

There are rice terraces in Bohol – lots of them. One of these is located in Candijay which is just a stone away to Can-umantad falls.


This place is around 30 minutes away from the town centre and its rough road could be very challenging. That’s why it is advisable to hire habal-habal or motorbike from locals since they are very familiar with the route.

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You have options to trek passing these terraces down to Can-umantad Falls via stairway (of more than 400 hundred steps) or drop by here, take in the scenery, take a snap and ride back straight to the foot of the falls.


Upon entering the barangay, there will be a toll fee of 20 pesos each. They also have food on display there and even letchon on weekends (I know right?).

Above the terraces, there is a privately owned accommodation where you can choose to dine in ala carte while over-looking the terraces. They have a separate entrance of 20 pesos per person.

2. Can-umantad Falls

Said to be the highest falls in Bohol. And of the falls I visited around the province, this indeed is the highest so far. And one of the most gorgeous.


If you are looking forward to swimming, you won’t get it here since the foot of the falls goes up to waist only. It is still an enjoyable dip though especially for non-swimmers and the place is ideal for families with children with them.


The barangay toll fee will serve as your entrance here. You just need to present your tickets at the entrance then a local guide will show you around.

3. Canawa Spring Pool

Called “Canawa” from the word “kawa” which refers to a big wok, because of its shape. Its turquoise colour always enchants me and the water is cool, perfect for warm weathers. This place is exciting to those who love swimming and jumping or diving!


Many children make this place their playground and jump from the trees above to down below. Adjacent to this natural pool is a manmade pool that is safer for those who can’t swim and the children.

Photo: Joice Diana

The entrance fee is 10 pesos each and they have available facilities like cottages, changing and comfort rooms. Snacks can also be bought there.

From the town centre to this three stops then back to the town centre, we paid 300 pesos for the habal-habal or motorbike ride. It is always a bumpy but enjoyable ride.

Here are other places in Candijay that I also hope to check out next time!

4. Candijay Mangrove Forest

This town is said to have the most diverse mangrove ecosystem in Bohol. With Cogtong Bay as home to 32 out of 47 species of mangroves in the country. They also have river cruising and firefly watching in this area.

For more info:

5. Kawasihan Sandbar and Seaweed Farming

I really will check this next time! This place is a good place for swimming and in exploring more of the town’s and its people’s culture.

Here’s a cool blog about it:


How to get to Candijay?


This town is more or less 2 hours easy ride from Tagbilaran City. Buses and vans that pass Candijay are available every 30 minutes at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal for 100 – 120 pesos regular fare.


Food is available at the town centre and the different tourist spots. To contribute to the local economy, its best to purchase from them instead of bringing your own. (unless you have restricted diet, of course, like if you are vegetarian or vegan, you’ll be surprised by the few options there are)

The locals there are generally friendly and rates are fixed and regulated by authorities. These places also are managed by the community so let us #support.

General facilities are also available like dressing and comfort rooms (don’t expect too much though).

And again, the roads are rough. Enjoy the ride anyways.

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#responsibletravel #responsibleLAAG

#beholdbohol #travelEnjoyRespect #supportlocal #ecotourism

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