Bohol Sea of Clouds


Year 2017 was the start of the local buzz about Bohol’s Sea of Clouds – sea of low clouds that can be witnessed in the remote towns of Bohol. It was even compared to the so-called “Playground of the gods”, Luzon’s Mt. Pulag. While many already visited, quite a number still have questions unanswered. This then are the answers from the locals!

Is it visible all year round regardless of season?

The clouds can be witnessed early in the morning, all year round except on windy and stormy weathers. So make sure to check weather updates for the planned date.

What is the best time to witness the sea of clouds?

Best time to witness the phenomenon is from 4:30 – 5:00 OR 5:00 – 6:00 in the morning. It actually depends on who you’re asking. Personally, if you can go early then good..just take time to witness the scenery. Sometimes you might go there with little clouds, but if you are lucky, that could beautifully change to sea of clouds in few minutes. This photo was taken around 7 AM.

Where is it really located?

Danao? Or Dagohoy Sea of Clouds? Depends on where you’re stepping at since this can be witnessed on the two town’s boundary. Both have cheap entrance fees and both have gorgeous scenery. Just probably take the least crowded place when you get there. And let’s just call it Bohol Sea of Clouds.

What causes this clouds to form?

This is phenomena is said to be caused by one of Bohol’s major river, Wahig River that is stretching over the two towns.


Is it allowed or safe to camp there?

Camping is generally safe but there are no facilities or any equipment for rent, so better be prepared and bring everything necessary. Households are more or less 15 minutes away and the barangay (village) will also provide a barangay tanod to keep watch while you camp. Additional registration of less than a hundred per head is also required.

Are there anywhere you can buy food?

During early mornings especially the weekends, coffee, water and kakanin (local snacks) are sold by locals on viewpoints. If planning to camp and cook, better buy your provisions at the town center although sari-sari store (local convenient store) is available 15- 20 minutes from viewpoint (Dagohoy side).

Is it worth the long trip even if you would not see any cloud?

Definitely. The place is gorgeous with or without the clouds. ❤ ❤

How to get there?

Private/rented vehicle – Probably the most ideal choice. This is quite tricky though especially if you will travel very early to see the clouds because locals are probably still sleeping – no one to ask directions to. But you will be fine as long as you will find your way to the town center of Danao where from there you can find road signage to the viewing site.

Public vehicle/commute  – Ideal only if you will stay overnight since the travel time from the city to the town is more of less 3 hours depending on your route. Public transport also going to the town does not start very early. Most probably you won’t make it on time to see the clouds. So, if you are doing over night and will use public transport, you can ride a bus or van from Dao Integrated Bus Terminal in Tagbilaran City to the town of Danao. Fare would be around 100 pesos, more expensive if riding van. When you arrive at the town center, you can hire habal – habal to the siteFare usually varies but you will have an idea of local price by asking around (aside from the driver).

Are there options for accommodations?

The place have limited accommodations. If you won’t be camping, Danao Adventure Park offers accommodation for 100 pesos for two persons if air-conditioned room and 600 pesos for two in a room with fan with 200 pesos rate for extra bed.  They also offer ride going to the sea of clouds early in the morning for 300 pesos. There are also limited accommodations available on the nearby towns. Best option for me is to camp.

REMINDER: Don’t litter! Ayaw pag sinagbot!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat Castillo says:

    Hello Boholana,
    Good morning, Which of the two locations is a accessible to cars? Danao or Dagohoy?


    1. The Boholana says:

      Hi Pat! Both are accessible to cars, but Dagohoy’s parking space is nearer to their viewing point. 🙂


  2. miri316 says:

    Hello Boholona,
    How are we going to handle personal needs (for girls?) like is there any available or nearest comfort rooms especially when we opt to camp near the site?


    1. The Boholana says:

      Hi, you can ask for a favor to the locals in nearby households in the area. They’re walking distance from the camp area. 🙂 hope this helps

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