Danao Park’s New Adventure!

The first adventure park in Bohol have something new!

After the earthquake last 2013, the park closed most of their activities because of the damage. Many suffered the consequences.

But now, they are already re-established some of their famous activities and more!

The Plunge (The comeback!)

I could say this is the scariest ride. While my comrades did jumped on that cliff, I did not. I have an issue when it comes to falling – in all aspect in life 😂. I’ve already experienced free fall and it’s something I can’t face just yet.

So. It starts with you sitting on a platform with the harness either on your waist or your feet…

And you are dropped into nothingness…

Jhuriz, the blog behind Gypsy Esprit is having fun!

And in just seconds – you are nowhere to be found !

I will lose my cool if I do that. Lol. But it’s something you should do. We all have our differences.

Glass Cliff Walk (New feature!)

If you happen to ride the zipline, you can add for a cliff walk which is on the other side of the canyon. This is their newest adventure that you must try!

If you noticed, (which is not quite obvious in photos) it is a looooong way down. But I did try it! It is not free fall. I loved the wind and the illusion of walking in the air. You could almost fantasize of being a superhero or something.

Shoes off!

Sky Ride (Cable Car and not new. Lol)

If you are more into “chill” adventure, then you should try this 15 minutes ride crossing the canyon. Yes. 15 minutes. You can even enjoy wine while crossing or cook noodles or something! (Don’t know if that’s allowed, but imagine the possibilities. LOL).

Below the ride is a clear spectacular view of Wahig River which is one of the major rivers in Bohol.

Other activities:

These are several activities that you should also try, which I haven’t due to lack of time. If you go there and you want full adventure, you should please dedicate a day for the park! It is worth it.

  • Extreme caving – They only have extreme caving that lasts 3-4 hours since the easier trails are not accessible anymore due to the earthquake. This is something I reeeally need to do when I get back (I love caves).
  • Kayaking – The trail to this is of course through Wahig River which would last about 30 minutes.
  • Root climbing – Climbing in a wall of roots!
  • Trekking – trekking would be in a different site within the town of Danao. The park will provide transport and guide for this trek.
  • wp-image--916211822.

How to go to Danao Adventure Park?

The town of Danao is about 2-3 hrs away from the city depending on the route you are taking. If on commute, you can ride the bus at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal with more or less a 100 peso fare. Vans are usually 20-30 pesos more expensive and is faster. There are few places you can stay but Danao Adventure park has accommodation of 1000 and 600 pesos for two. You could also choose to camp at the Sea of Clouds, 15 -20 minutes away from the park.

RATES/person in PHP

  • Sky Ride (Cable Car) —————— 250
  • The Suislide (Zipline) —————- 350
  • Suislide w/ Glass Cliffwalk ——– 700
  • The Plunge (Bungee Jumping) — 700
  • Trekking ———————————– 300
  • Root Climbing w/ Rappel ———– 400
  • Bahilo extreme caving ————– 550
  • River kayaking ————————- 300


  1. Wear your most comfortable outfit and bring extra shirts (and shorts)!
  2. A durable footwear is also a must if you are going all out!
  3. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  4. Choice of food is limited so better bring your food if you have food restrictions or explore the town center for some local delicacies!

Enjoy your trip!

#beholdbohol #boholadventure

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