The Momo Magic

That weekend was like staying in my own beach house and for once not caring about what’s going on in the world. It was a well deserved rest from a busy week. 

I would have wanted to keep this place to myself (so selfish of me.) 😂. But this place deserve more acknowledgement than other places. So here it goes. Momo Beach House.

Click the link above to check them out in their website!

The good thing about this beach house is that it is located in the other side of Panglao, away from most tourists and beach goers. So it is possible to walk in the beach alone and daydream peacefully. 😍

Their rooms are playfully decorated with colors and to me and my friends, is a perfect setting for small talks and laughter (and idling. and gossips.).

Part of my time there I spent on reading books. And they have several cool choices! Pity I can’t bring it home to finish. 😆

Early on one morning, we spent on kayaking and snorkeling just in front on the beach house that is full marine creatures in sea-grass beds and corals! Several meters away also is already the deep blue sea and guess what?! We saw a turtle! We did not expect that and was not able to get a photo. But to me seeing it was enough and awesome. 😍

One of the best thing I love about this beach house though, is their efforts on being an Eco-friendly establishment by trying to conserve resources and reducing the use of single use plastic which is a major world polluter, in their services.*clap *clap

They even have this LEAVE NO TRACE (LNT) sign!


Those are just among all the things because there are still these and a lot more!

This blog does not give them justice (no blogs will 😉 )

I did have a wonderful weekend because of the place and wished the weekend was longer. Definitely I will go back *fingers crossed* with my family next time. 😊



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    1. theboholana says:

      Thanks @paolorigotti !

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      1. paolorigotti says:

        OMG! After months I’m finally receiving some support back also. 😀 Thanks kulot.

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      2. theboholana says:

        What are you saying? Lol! I always support you. 😂

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      3. paolorigotti says:

        Have you watch my last vlog already?

        You are there. I put the link of your IG account and to your blog also. Could be nice if you can finally subscribe. 🙂 No rush.

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  1. evewinters says:

    Looks like you have so much fun

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