Bohol’s Little Darling

Sometimes, you are torn between going to a place where you can have total peace and relaxation, or going to a place where you can interact with people and enjoy their culture and the crowd’s company. And there are lots of options. But very few for enjoying both.

Which is one of the reasons why I love Bohol’s little darling, Amorita Resort.

“Amorita” is a Spanish word that means little darling.


Located in a cliff just above the crowd of Alona beach, this place is big enough for families and friends to have complete relaxation over the resort’s different complementary activities.

And in just few minutes walk below the cliff is Alona Beach which is full of activities at night like live bands, fire dancing and night parties. Arrays of local and international cuisine can be seen there also.

But of course, in a resort like Amorita you might not want to go out. 😂 

Around the resort are lush of greens that fits perfectly to tropical feels. They also provides lots of amenities and activities that their guests could avail at their leisure.

Here are my favorite things about Amorita Resort:

🌸 The Sea Tree Spa

The best place to go after a day of availing activities around the resort like biking, stand-up paddling,  snorkeling or kayaking! 

🌸 Tomar Spanish Resto

Spanish food and drinks! I had a fun and full night of conversations and exploration on Spanish cuisine. 

🌸 Swimming pools

They offer two swimming pools for their guests, and a separate one for SCUBA practice. They also have villas with private pools. Perfect places for photo shoots! 😂 Me and my friends felt like models and posed shamelessly. (I’m ashamed of it now 😆) 

🌸 Minimalist rooooooms

All of their rooms are spacious and very comfortable. I love how minimalist and homey their designs are.

🌸 Food and more food!

They offer buffet meals for their guests and there are also a Barrio Fiesta themed buffet while a live acoustic band plays at the background. 

🌸 The little surprises and details!

My heart was touched by the small gestures and my eyes were delighted by the small ingenious details. The snacks and letters we see by the side tables always makes us smile. 😊  and of course the tag they gave us with our names on it will be treasured!

🌸 The Gym

I do not usually go to any gym but my friends do not want to miss a day of gym so I was obliged to go. Surprisingly I had fun. 


🌸 Eco friendly!

And of course. I always admire hotels and resorts who try their best to do their part in saving and minimizing their impact to the environment. 

And this resort is making extra effort! From the refillable toiletries made of ceramic and native materials to trash cans that doesn’t have trash bags! And many more.

We had so much fun and are always in deli ma of either doing something or just stay on our beautiful room. We did both. 

Kudos to this resort and may they continue to flourish. 

Click here to visit their website!

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  1. paolorigotti says:

    Great article as always from the one and only Boholana. 😄

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    1. theboholana says:

      Thanks a lot @Paolorigotti !


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