Bohol Organic Demo Farm

Bohol’s major sources of income are agriculture side by side with the tourism industry. To pair both in one place is rather fitting and is somehow an immersion of the province’ culture.

That was what I thought when I had a chance to visit one of Bohol’s organic demo farms located in the town of Maribojoc. The Maribojoc Organic Demo Farm.

I like farms so to me it was a very interesting experience – full of learning too!

Here are the things we experienced during the farm tour:

Learned about herbs and vegetables

Different type of vegetables can be seen and was talked about while walking around the farm. They also used several techniques like vertical planting to save space.

One of the fun parts was when we got to taste leaves of different herbs. From that moment I understood the fascination of goats to leaves😂😂. The variety of taste is surprising!

A close encounter with farm animals

The farm produces organic chicken and pork meat. During the tour, they explained the whole process and the techniques they used.

Know about how they keep the farm organic

They surprisingly gave us a lot of technicalities of growing and keeping organic plants and animals. This information I am sure is very useful to anybody who which to venture organic farming in the future. Our tour guide was also knowledgeable of the subject.

Organic Local Food

They offer organic lunch buffet by booking which highlights the local cuisine. It was the best way to end the tour! Before our departure, we made some purchases of herbal plant seedlings and seeds.


The place is located in the town of Maribojoc and is around 25 minutes from the City. There are also signages that help guests locate the area.

Map to maribojoc demo farm an attraction in bohol

For booking and enquiries CONTACT:

Mobile #:+63 949 861 7536

Enjoy your visit! #BeholdBohol #Ecotourism #Communitybased

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