Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol

I already explored many falls and springs around Bohol. And I could say this one is the hardest to access by far. Due to the lack of information available, we went there unprepared for what was coming.

If you are someone who really loves risk and adventure this place is for you. 😍

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls
This photo does not give it justice. The falls is about 6 – 7 meters high (that is my self-estimate, I’m not very reliable when it comes to that πŸ˜…).

Binaliw falls is one of the hidden gems in the town of Clarin Bohol. This town is about 55 kilometers away from the Tagbilaran City. Although this place is known by town locals it is not easily accessible.

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

There are stream and mini cascades before the falls which are favorite places of locals for swimming. We even thought for a minute that was it 😲 – luckily, locals gave us directions. This location though is safer especially if you have kids and elderly with you.

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

No wonder when we got to the falls, only youths can be seen jumping and swimming. The trek is very challenging indeed (most probably because we went there unprepared).

Here are the things you should expect:

HARD TREK – In going to falls around Bohol, stairs are usually there to give you access directly to the falls. Your major struggles are stairs. Not here. The stairs going down is very short and will lead you to a stream.

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

You will then follow a trail alongside this body of water. From there and as you go along, trails became confusing and doesn’t seem like trails at all. You will be led to steep trails above boulders.

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

You will also be needing support from the roots around these rocks. It is easier and safer to swim instead. When we went there, we did not bring any waterproof bags so we were forced to trek. It was thrilling. It was kind of practice of wall climbing. πŸ˜€

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

IT’S WILD – By wild, I mean the surroundings especially going deeper to trail is generally untouched nature. Risk of snakes and other things is high. Most probably because it is hard to access so it’s not disturbed daily by human visitors.

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

During our visit, a few minutes before we reached the falls, group of youths killed a poor snake. To be honest, I was torn between sadness for the poor snake’s fate and relief because I wasn’t the one who saw the live snake. It would not be my first time though! πŸ˜…

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

ZERO FACILITIES – Don’t expect comfort rooms, dressing room or anything. There is no human intervention on the falls yet. I like it that way. 😊

Binaliw Falls, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines, bohol falls

Here are some tips to enjoy your visit!Β 

A dry bag is best to keep your things safe. Or just make sure you can put your valuables somewhere it won’t get wet. Even if you decide not to swim some of the trails, you will still get wet. Better wear swimwear ahead!

If you are determined not to swim, you better be not scared of heights. And a sturdy footwear is a must.Β 

A small group is advisable since the area is a sensitive environment, and is challenging. Personally, groups of more than 10 are too much.

If possible ask for a local guide on the nearby houses near the parking area.Β 

Bring your own food and drinks.

Bring back your trash, and bring a trash bag to clean some of the garbage too. One heartbreaking thing about going there is the amount of trash around. How is that even possible? 😒


Binaliw Falls Clarin, Bohol
If you are on your private vehicle, this is a route you should consider.

If you want to ride on a public transport, buses and vans are available at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal. From Clarin Public Market, you can ride habal- habal from there going to Barangay Cantuyok.


Leave no trash behind!

Orient everyone who will join the trip of what to expect!

Respect locals and ask locals’ advise!

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