Smoque Bar + Bistro

Smoque Bar + Bistro Cafe, Bohol

Probably this place’s mantra is “Eat Good Food” because they don’t just serve good food they also display these words boldly on their wall.

Smoque Bar + Bistro Cafe, BoholWhen I saw it, my mind was like  “Yes! I will eat good food because I deserve it. After all the hard work.” I was having a rough week you see, and nothing makes things better than good food.

I went there to try their dishes and even got a chance to chat with the owners, these experiences made me love the place!

Here are 5 Reasons why I love Smoque Bar + Bistro

1. Quality food

I can’t describe that. You really have to taste it to know it. I tried their Meat Madness and Seafood Madness. I recommend the former since  I looove meat. 😆 😍

2. Homemade

They definitely give food preparations the time and respect it deserves because all of their ingredients even down to ketchup are made by the chefs and their kitchen staff from scratch. Thumbs up to that!

bohol best restaurants cafe, tagbilaran city restaurant cafe,
A feast from a must-try restaurant in Bohol. Yum!

3. Eco-friendly

Their building design, equipment, and others are designed to lessen their negative impact on the environment. Example of these is the use of LED light. They are also switching to paper straws instead of the plastic ones.

Smoque Bar + Bistro Cafe, Bohol

4. Best ingredients

What I find very interesting in this restaurant is their commitment to using local fresh produce. Even if it means having different menu offerings daily because they depend mostly on what can be bought fresh from the market every day. This assures excellent quality in every dish served and also local suppliers benefit from it.

My favorite is their salads! The best for me is their specialty Smoque Salad.

They are also innovative in their dishes and pastries in which they infuse with famous local ingredients like ube or purple yam and even kalamay. If customers visit the place for a specific dish, they are advised to contact the restaurant and inform in advance.

5. Locally owned 

Many of high-end restaurants in Bohol are owned by foreigners, where even some make it a measure of quality. This place proves these stereotypes wrong. The owners are both young Filipinos who have great passion AND experience in serving quality food. Cheers to them!

The seasoned chefs of SMOQUE Bar + Bistro, Executive Chef Paeng Ongchiong and Pastry Chef Mrs. Krissel Sabandal-Alturas are also proprietors of the restaurant. (photo by Alexis Labastilla) 


Those are a few reasons to love the place. I definitely will be back for more salads, meat, and pastries. 

Smoque Bar + Bistro – Bohol

For inquiries and reservation contact + 63 918 300 8180

Also, like them on Facebook and Instagram!


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  1. Luchi Gallares says:

    I love the smoque salad too. I celebrated my brother’s bday at this restaurant and still love their food. My mom who still lives in Tagbilaran who introduced me to Raphael last year. My mom followed him from Amorita and the food maintained the quality and taste from last year. The best restaurant in Bohol I must say.
    Favor, do you mind getting me th smoque salad recipe? Appreciate it. Thanks


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