Hunahuna (Bisaya): Thoughts

Random life thoughts caused by overthinking and caffeine.

Surfing on the “in-betweens”

I never desired to be the first in anything nor want to be last. I don’t want to be the best, but I don’t want to suck either.

I am good in not failing but also at not succeeding.

And just realised I’ve been doing it for too long.

Then after all, if you are already comfortable on drifting in “in-betweens”, you need to have a really strong reason to get out of comfort and convenience.

If you are good in what you do, but you constantly turn down that promotion, get ashamed when you are recognized for hard work, cringe when you get viral posts, don’t demand labels on romantic relationships, get horrified when things are doing great, or get skeptical of moments that are too perfect:

Then you might be like me – Always lurking in the middle of NOTHING and GREAT THINGS.

Truth is, we are afraid to fail but don’t grab opportunities because we are also uncomfortable with success.

What we are doing now is not “nothing”, but it’s also not “something”.

It’s not a good thing, but cheers to that! 😂

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