Bohol Stand-up Paddling

If you want to escape the crowd and social distance while having fun, stand-up paddling is a great way to go!

Bohol Beach Club Adventure

Going there is always full of adventure especially with the different activities they have to offer…

Best Art Gallery in Bohol

When visiting Bohol and want to know of the island’s history and culture this is one place that people shouldn’t be missed…

Bohol’s Sunflower Field

We visited RJ Tropical Fruit Farm while we were visiting the town of Pilar, I was game but not really excited to visit. But I’m glad we did because we were pleasantly surprised!

Blogapalooza PH – BlogaFEST 2019

Everyone has a certain degree of influence and whether that was intentional or not, one should always use that influence responsibly…

Smoque Bar + Bistro

I was having a rough week you see, and nothing make things better than good food.

I went there to try their dishes and even got a change to chat with the owners, these experiences made me love the place!

A Village Full of Surprises!

Before going to this village, I have heard stories of the place and it was not quite what I had imagined.

It was more.