Bohol’s Sunflower Field

Old McDonald had a farm. E I E I O! And on his farm he had some sunflowerss???

I am not a stranger to farms since I grew up on the countryside in a farming family. But I always enjoy going to these places and see fresh produce.

Photo taken at my hometown. 😊

When my friend Jofel dragged us 😜 to visit RJ Tropical Fruit Farm while we were visiting the town of Pilar, I was game but not really excited to visit πŸ˜… .

But I’m glad we did because we were pleasantly surprised!

I have visited several farms in Bohol that welcome visitors but it was my first time to be visit a farm that has A LOT of actual diverse fresh produce for sale. I wished I live in their backyard! 🀀

Depending on the sights you want to check out, the entrance fee will vary as below:

We got the combo inclusion (P100) because it’s the only option where the sunflower field is included. And it got free horse ride too so why not?

During the walk tour, we were led to the vegetable garden, went through fruit trees leading to the sunflower field. It was a good view of the farm but I wish it was more informational. Even just basic about the farm and a little facts of the different plants – it would be cool because they have a wide variety!

Then we got to the highlight of the place – sunflowers. I did not know going to a sunflower field would be fun! 😁 You know sometimes you hear something and you don’t get impressed? Then when you get there you actually had fun? The sunflowers were just photogenic and I was with fun company. 😊

Before leaving, one of us tried horseback riding. It’s a lovely scene with the sunflowers as backdrop. It reminds me of a cover of a romance novel πŸ˜‚ (nope I don’t read them πŸ˜› ).

The town is a beautiful place and if you happen to pass by, the farm is worth the visit! It’s also free if you visit next time too if you present your old ticket. πŸ€” Nice!

Getting there:

Pilar is located near center of Bohol and is around 1 and a half hours travel from the city. Click HERE to go to google map.

If on commute, you can ride via bus or van at Dao Integrated Bus Terminal with fare ranging from 80 to 120 pesos.

Here are other places you can check out in the town and nearby towns:

Pilar Dam – this is one of my favorite scenery on this route. You can pass by it from the highway and it’s free for viewing.

Alicia Panoramic Park – Next to Pilar is the town of Alicia known for this park. See my blog about it here πŸ˜‰ –

Thank you for reading!

REMEMBER: Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. Bring nothing but memories.

#responsibletravel #responsibleLAAG

#beholdbohol #travelEnjoyRespect #supportlocal #ecotourism

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