Blogapalooza PH – BlogaFEST 2019

Everyone has or can have a certain degree of influence towards others. And whether that was intentional or not, one should always use that influence responsibly. That is one of the many things I learned from attending Bloggapalooza 2019 .

The annual event is said to be the Philippines’ first and largest networking and marketing event for businesses and influencers. This year have the largest attendees of more than 2,000 who went to City of Dreams Manila for the event!

It is amazing to be invited as guests with my friends in Bohol Bloggers Collective and 70 more content creators from the different regions around the country!

It was one great celebration and learning about content creation – it’s different forms and significance, conversations with other people who seek to influence others on the things they believe and care about. It was heart warming and encouraging that there is a wholesome and supportive community for content creators in the county.

I met a lot of interesting people during the event that resulted to a list of places I needed to visit soon. 😂 Although there was a lot going on (from forums, discussions, presentations, exhibit and games), it’s a relief the participants are keen to get to know each other and even exchange opinions on what was discussed by the panels. 🤩

I consider myself as a newbie in this field. I did blogging for people to have access to information about Bohol’s different places and culture and for it to serve as a platform to my advocacy on responsible travel.

While I am trying my best, on top of my full time work and other things in my life – it is still a struggle to be consistent. This event and the people behind it, gave me a boost, an encouragement to just continue what I am doing and continue on what I CAN do now.

Thanks to them and the the following sponsors for making all these happen. Looking forward to next year!



And of course thank you to my friends Jhuriz of Just Juriz, Dandreb of Deejay Writes and Jumjum of When in Bohol for making the trip extra awesome!

Thank you for reading! See you next Blogapalooza?

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