Beauty MNL: an online beauty destination

I never shopped or bought anything online. So I was in doubt about accepting Beauty MNL’s invitation to try their services.

After a debate with myself, eventually, I thought – Ok! Let’s give it a try!

I was excited but cautious because I don’t know if I will be doing it right. Thankfully, it is so easy to navigate and I am secretly having fun.


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First things first! I SIGNED UP, and in a minute I was ready to roll.


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I liked that they included in signing the skin type, tone and features (chinita, morena etc.) for the new member. You can never go wrong in buying make-up and other beauty products!

I was in but, I don’t even know what to buy! So I window shopped first and looked at the section of things they are selling. It’s exciting because everything you need from hygiene and beauty is all there. There were varied selections of top international brands and even Korean and local products. I was overwhelmed and got more confused about what to buy.


Then I realized there are some things I really needed to buy because I’m almost running out of supply. Shampoo and toner. Small things. Small steps. Baby steps for online shopping. 😂

What I loved upon exploring the site is how simple and user-friendly it is.

Then something caught my attention. Their section on all local and organic products! Which is where I’ve chosen the products I bought. I advocate on buying local and organic and this part of the site made me really happy.


I then selected products from this section and was very happy because these are things that I couldn’t buy or find in my province. Although there are other organic choices, I always love exploring different products.

One feature I like is the filter. You can filter products according to brands or prices! Yes, prices.

10After selecting products, you can pay through credit card, bank or credit points. Then you are done with the purchase.


I honestly never thought it would be that easy!

I have not minded my order after that until it arrived via LBC and I thought. Well, that was fast.

Let me share to you my purchases!


Healing Toner by Beachborn

The truth is, it had me with “beachborn”. and the “all natural”. I selected it without any doubts.

I love how I can use this for many things. First, as a toner. Second as skin hydration and as an insect repellant! 

I can use it WHEREVER I am. Like really. As toner on my days in the office, or as hydration on my sun lusting and as skin repellant on our campings!


Virgin Coconut Shampoo, a moisture and repair shampoo 

Something that I and my sister loved. And for some reason, she loved it more than me and always tell me about it. My head is like “No I’m not giving it to you.” Note to self: buy her one on my next purchase.

I have long curly hair and I’m quite selective with what I put to it. So far I’m loving this product that emphasizes my lovely curls.


After Sun Repairing Lotion by Aloe Derma Natural

I did not intend to buy this, but it caught my attention.

As I’m living on an island, the beach is very accessible and I spend a lot of time on it especially on weekends and am very unafraid of the sun. I was happy to have found this after-sun lotion because I do not apply sunscreen as most of it has chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs and other marine creatures.

I have ugly tans but at least now there are no visible sunburns and skin damage. ❤ !

It was a fun experience with BEAUTY MNL! 

Finally, a beauty destination for YOU.”



And this is me sun- lusting and all.

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